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Features for PUBG iOS Gamers

PUBG comes with a range of features for mobile gamers. PUBG iOS devices are designed with many new features like auto-run, an improved Erangel map, automated weapon pickups, and visual sound assistance. Many players want to play PUBG mobile on their smartphones easily.

Features for PUBG iOS Gamers

If you are a follower of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, you will be aware of the fact that PUBG mobile is released in China. Chinese app stores have access to the mobile version. Most gamers are curious to know more about the mobile version. They believe that the mobile version is much better than the PC or Xbox One. Indeed, PUBG mobile has met and exceeded expectations.

Downloading the PUBG iOS version is much simpler than what you can imagine. The game plays magically on iOS devices.

According to frequent gamers, there are few interesting features in the PUBG iOS version. Let’s learn more about these features.

Feature #1 – The Erangel PUBG Map

PUBG iOS features the Erangel. Though the map is small, it is displayed to the fullest! It is quite similar to the original PUBG map. Why is this important?

Erangel is important because it is brilliantly designed for video games. It strikes a balance between landmark buildings and terrains. Erangel is extremely famous in PUBG Xbox and PC.

Erangel for PUBG iOS is prettier and richer. It is a pinch different from the original PUBG map. Fortunately, the differences are for the good.

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Feature #2 – Automated Pick-Up Offerings

A key selling point of PUBG iOS would be inventory management. You must have this skill for a never-like-before experience. The inventory for iOS gamers would be armor variants, weapons, unique weapon types, and attachments. All these items are displayed on the PUBG map.

In PUBG iOS you don’t need to be concerned about inventory management. If you come across a piece of loot or weapon, the game will automatically grab it for you. The weapons will be stored in the appropriate places.

PUBG mobile takes care of all the dirty and tedious tasks on behalf of you.

Feature #3 – Visual Sound Direction

In any video game, sound plays a critical role. Identifying the specific location of gunfire is important. Your ears must pay close attention to kinds of noises.

If you are an iOS user, the sound will be an advantage for you. The mobile version features a solid sound system. And, it shows the location of gunshots and weird noises on the mini-map. That means you don’t need any skill to track noises.

Feature #4 – AutoRun

PUBG involves a considerable amount of running. The landscape is huge and your enemies are undeniably powerful. In the mobile release, you will be able to run with just a push of a button!

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