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How To Install and Play PUBG for Android?

PUBG’s mobile version is officially launched for Chinese gamers. Many mobile game players want to play PUBG for Android these days. To install the game, you need a Tap Tap and a WeChat account. Once the application is downloaded, use the WeChat account and start gaming.

Installing and Playing PUBG on Your Android Device

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground alias PUBG was officially launched for Windows Desktops and Xbox One. The game is budding on both these platforms. When compared to many other shooting games, PUBG is definitely successful. Brendan Greene has done a great job with the game and is insisting on bigger developments and stronger protections.

With this being said, the mobile version of PUBG was launched in China. Till date, there aren’t any signs of releasing the game internationally. Due to intense curiosity, people have started to look for PUBG for Android and iOS devices.

Currently, there are two versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Android. Tencent Timi Studio released Army Attack. Meanwhile, Lightspeed & Quantum Studios released Exhilarating Battlefield. Exhilarating Battlefield is recognized as the mirror version of PUBG’s PC and Xbox One release. Both the Army Attack and the Exhilarating Battlefield are designed and developed in Unreal Engine Version 4. This makes the game extremely powerful and performance-oriented.

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Installing PUBG for Android is a simple process. Remember, you must play the mobile version in Chinese. That is because PUBG mobile is only launched in China. Also, you must have access to a Chinese App Store.

Since PUBG mobile is developed by Tencent you must have an active account in applications like QQ or WeChat.

Pre-Requisites Before Downloading PUBG for Android

The best and simplest way to download PUBG for Android is by opening a WeChat account. This account plays an important role in playing the game. You can download WeChat easily from Google Play Store.

Next, you must download a Chinese App Store. A reliable and simple app store, to begin with, would be “Tap Tap”. Install this application on your Android device. As you install “Tap Tap”, remember to ensure that “Installation from Unknown Sources” is enabled.

Downloading PUBG for Android

Tap Tap acts as a gateway to PUBG. Open the installed app store and search for “PUBG”. The very first result with super-high ratings is the application you need. Now, select download and wait for the game to be installed.

PUBG for Android is a huge file. It can be as big as 500 Mb. That is why you need at least 1 GB of free space on your mobile device. In order to play the game on your Android device, you need a WeChat account. Log in using your WeChat account and select a character. Then, kickstart your first PUBG mobile match.

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