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Do You Know PUBG Mobile Controls?

PUBG mobile is truly a benchmark in the gaming industry. The game revolves around Erangel, an isolated Russian island. Here are a few important PUBG mobile controls and features every gamer must know.

Unleashing a Range of PUBG Mobile Controls

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds alias PUBG is a challenging platform for gamers. PUBG is known for its competitive nature. It is a survival shooter game that is designed, developed, and published by the Bluehole.

Currently, PUBG is managed by the PUBG Corporation. This is a subsidiary company of Bluehold. Officially, PUBG is the first standalone survival game from Brendan Greene.

A Secret: Do you know that Brendan Greene is Player Unknown?

PUBG is known for its open environment, wide gaming options, and wild fights. All players should fight to the death on the battlefield. What makes the game interesting would be intense pressure. As you sink into the battlefield, everything will become tougher and deadly. Fortunately, you have a range of equipment, vehicles, and weapons to play with.

The Mobile Version

A few weeks ago, the world’s first PUBG mobile version was launched. The mobile game comes in two different versions: Army Attack and Exhilarating Battlefield. Both these games are planted in a different environment. Though it sticks to the original background story, the games are positioned differently.

A Takeaway point: The original background story of PUBG is based in Erangel. Erangel is the main island. The abandoned island is located near Russia. Military occupants manage the entire island. The military occupants engage in biological and chemical experiments on the island. Due to the biological facilities, the entire island is deserted.

PUBG Mobile Features

Most games admire the latest and improved PUBG mobile controls. Above all, you have a range of PUBG mobile features to enjoy:

  1. An impressive range of character customization options
  2. A wide range of weapon customization options
  3. The ability to choose between SQUAD, Duo, and Solo play modes
  4. You can handpick from a wide range of weapons. This includes melee weapons, light machine guns, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper guns, and more.
  5. The power to disconnect matches
  6. The ability to eject from airplanes at any time
  7. Tons of cosmetic items like shirts, pants, glasses, jackets, masks, and more! (The list of cosmetic items doesn’t stop here. You have a dozen to choose from).
  8. If you have downed team players, the mobile version will let you revive them.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

PUBG mobile controls are truly impressive. There are many fascinating and interesting touches in the mobile release. The game is extremely smooth and better on some mobile phones. Indeed, this is a great game to carry in your pockets.

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