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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a powerful game that focuses on strategies and nonstop shooting. This shooting game offers weapons, equipment, armors, and vehicles to increase your odds of winning. Read the PUBG wiki for more information.

What Does PUBG Wiki Carry?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is definitely a sensational game for the warrior and solider in you!

The gaming industry has come across a wide range of survival-based shooting games. However, very few games are as competitive and interesting as PUBG. This can be attributed to the experienced developers, ambitious investors, and partners of PUBG.

In just a few months, the game gained popularity amongst millions of active players. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone says that they obsessed with PUBG. For more details on the fame and glory of the game, visit the PUBG wiki.

What Is PUBG?

In simple terms, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a competitive and challenging survival game. Throughout the game, you must keep shooting other players. The last person to survive the challenges and gun fires will win a treaty dinner.

To begin with, players are dropped from an airplane into an open area. In this open playground (an isolated island) they should fight continuously. With every move, the battlefield becomes smaller. This is when the pressure starts to increase.

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What makes PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds interesting would be the vehicles and weapons. The vehicles and weapons are carefully designed to increase your chances of winning. To win, you must develop strategies and ensure that the vehicles/weapons are used properly. In addition, strategies can set up apart and increase your odds of grabbing that delicious chicken dinner.

Weapons in PUBG

Until November 2017, there were 25 unique, primary weapons in the game. This includes 4 melee weapons, 4 grenades, and 5 different types of pistols in PUBG.

After November 2017, developers started to release attachments. Currently, you have access to 38 types of attachments.

Weapons are a key selling point of this game. You have many weapon categories to pick from. For example, you have DMRs, Sniper rifles, pistols, throwables, melee weapons, shotguns, bows, light machine guns, submachine guns, and carbines to try.

Indeed, PUBG is an advanced game with plenty of weapons to choose from. To know more about these powerful weapons, read the PUBG wiki.

Vehicles in PUBG

Vehicles play an integral role in the game. You need powerful vehicles to move around. As players move far apart, their chances of living increase. Some vehicles are designed to tackle gunshots. This means the player wouldn’t face much damage. Vehicles can increase the longevity of players. Important drivable vehicles in PUBG include a van, buggy, motorcycle, UAZ (with closed and open tops), aquaria, PG-117, pickup van, and a Dacia 1300.

All the vehicles are designed with poppable tires. This means you can shoot the vehicle and destroy its tires. This will ensure that no one else drives the vehicle again! To know more about driveable vehicles read the PUBG wiki.

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