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Learn The Details Of PUBG Map

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds becomes interesting and easier to decode with the PUBG maps. There are several different types of PUBG maps in the game. Erangel PUBG map is a commonly used one.

Basic Facts About PUBG Map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ first map is known as “Erangel”. A lot of people mistaken Erangel’s map as small! Well, it is not at all small.

PUBG gamers play hundreds and hundreds of games. For every game to be unique and interesting, the countryside, buildings, and trees should be spread across a huge land area. With this being said, the chances of you getting lost are high. This is when the PUBG map becomes handy.

Definition: The PUBG map is designed to help you find the best gaming spots. It will help you identify ideal destinations for your vehicles. Also, it will assist you in finding safe zones. In simpler terms, the PUBG map is your key to a safe starting and gaming location.

Understanding The PUBG Map

The PUBG map is both useful and complicated. At first glance, you may even find the map confusing. Before you understand strategies on how to use the PUBG map, here are few points you should know.

pubg map

  • Every big square in the PUBG map represents a kilometer. And, every small square inside the big one represents 100 meters. This means you have 6km of landmass to explore.
  • The PUBG map is extremely detailed. However, some structures are not shown on the map. This includes complicated underground bunkers.
  • Throughout the game, you will come across specific areas for vehicles, loot, and weapons. Most players are aware of these locations. When you remember the location, you have a better chance of bagging the best loot.
  • You can drop markers on the PUBG map. The markers are useful for coordinating other team members. For precise pointing, you must use a compass.

The Erangel Map

The best way to win PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is by mastering few Erangel map strategies. For example, you should know where to land.

PUBG offers randomized flight directions. This means there is no such thing as the best place to land. Plan quickly, make wise decisions, and choose the best place to land.

Here are few points to make your landing a great one:

  • Understand where the military base is located. This is where you will find the game’s best loot.
  • Mylta power is present at the edge of every flight path. Once again, this is a great place for high quality loot.
  • Schools and hospitals carry plenty of loot. But, schools are extremely famous and you are bound to die landing there

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