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List Of PUBG Updates

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is becoming famous every day. This is a powerful striking game with frequent PUBG updates. Latest PUBG updates offer new monitoring elements, protection over cheats, and improved performance.

All About PUBG Updates

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is definitely a stunning game that has captured the hearts and minds of a million active gamers. Every now and then, developers of the game release PUBG updates. Major updates will ensure that your PUBG gameplay experience is improved. Also, the updates will enhance your overall performance.

With every PUBG update, the way you play will change. This is how the developers make sure that the players are no longer bored with the same old challenges and features. Strategically, the updates are designed and developed to improve the gaming experience at the server and client side.

Understanding The PUBG Updates

To begin with, ardent players can experience and expect for numerous bug fixes. For example, one of the latest PUBG updates converted Miramar fences into unbreakable walls. This was a big surprise for PUBG fans.

Likewise, PUBG developers came up with a new strategy for dividing gamers. Currently, players are carefully split based on ping levels. Players who have lower ping levels are considered as less experienced. Thus, players with more pings receive a better priority. This is how matchmaking works in PUBG.

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Another fascinating PUBG update would be Bluehole’s attempts to understand and monitoring players in the air. All players left on the plane will be monitored.

Delayed Updates from PUBG

Not all updates reach players on time. Some PUBG updates are delayed. For example, “Road Map” was a much-anticipated update from Bluehole. Unfortunately, it has been delayed for various reasons. Experts at Bluehole reveal that the update will be released by the start of March 2018.

The best thing about this map is that everything in the game will become sharper and clearer. As the new map gets launched this March (or maybe summer), playing PUBG becomes a delight.

A major reason behind the delay would be “work priorities”. Yes, you read it right. Developers and designers at Bluehole are busy blocking and preventing cheats. According to sources at PUBG, their ultimate aim is to cut down the chances of cheating in the game. PUBG has come up with experimental strategies that can reduce the risks of hacks and cheats.

List Of PUBG Updates

The latest updates in the game include:

  • The replay system offers a 1-minute replay
  • When you are on the airplane, you can count the number of remaining riders.
  • All players will become visible the moment you leave the plane.
  • Players will no longer die when climbing or vaulting
  • Fixes are released to block the boost or heal time cheat


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