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What Makes PUBG Mobile Version Special?

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround is a renowned shooting game. The PC and Xbox versions are extremely famous throughout the world. Currently, PUBG mobile is released. Keep reading to know more about PUBG mobile.

All About PUBG Mobile Version

As 2018 began, all PUBG gamers rejoiced over great news. They will have access to the all-new PUBG mobile game.

As soon as the game’s trailer was released, it became viral. According to experts, there are two major reasons behind this – one, the trailer is extremely exciting to watch. Two, the trailer disclosed PUBG mobile. Yup, you read it right! PUBG has launched the mobile version of its famous and scintillating battleground.

The Release

Indeed, releasing PUBG mobile is more or less a mission. Though the game is currently open for Chinese users, it will be released around the world in the coming months.

Key Take-Away: There are small tweaks and hacks for you to play PUBG on your mobile device in your region. Well, the tweaks and hacks are not really tough. If you know how to handle your smart devices, you will be able to install the PUBG mobile version.

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The Two Different Versions

The mobile versions of PUBG can be categorized into two: Exhilarating Battlefield and Army Attack. Exhilarating Battlefield recreates the look and feel of the battlefield on your desktop machine. On the other hand, Army Attack is a brand new release. It is an original concept that has an arcade-style and fascinating elements like naval battles.

What Makes The Mobile Version Special?

There are many interesting differences between the mobile and pc versions of PUBG. First of all, the mobile version comes with a diverse range of customization options. When compared to the PC-version, you have hundreds of options to choose from. Just the original PUBG game, you must use BP points to open crates and you should buy items before unlocking them. The mobile version is free and loaded with “priceless” features.

As you dig deep into the mobile game, you will come across plenty of menus. These menus will give you the freedom to take up challenges that can increase your BP and XP count. Some menu options will help you level up. Leveling up your character becomes simpler with more XP in the mobile game (this is a major difference between the PC and mobile version).

Another interesting inclusion in the mobile version would be in-game maps. These maps display comprehensive flight paths. The path is neatly connected using dotted lines. This means jumping and aiming at targets becomes easier. In the mobile version, you will be told how far the map markers are.

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