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PlayerUnknown’s Battlefield is officially launched for mobile devices. Now, you can install PUBG on your Android smartphone. Here are a few pre-requisites and steps you should follow for installing PUBG Android.

All About Installing PUBG on Your Android Device!

So far the world enjoyed PlayerUnknown’s Battleground on the desktop and Xbox One. Now, you can play PUBG on your mobile devices. Yup, PUBG is officially launched for Android and iOS devices. PUBG Android is released with few interesting goals. One, the game is going to have smart visuals. You will be able to enjoy stunning graphics at remarkable frame rates. Above all, the game has not compromised on anything like quality or speed. PUBG android is here with brutal gameplays, one-of-a-kind visuals, and never like before challenges.

If you have not installed PUBG Android, now would be the right time.

The Pre-Requisites

Before you download PUBG for android, you must be aware of few requirements. One, your smartphone should be capable of handling this high-graphics game. If you have a vintage android phone, you may have to upgrade it before installing the game.

Though PUBG is shipped with three different types of quality presets to match with your hardware, don’t test your device exhaustively. According to sources, you can choose from three different frame rates. The right frame rate should be installed on the right phone.

pubg android

A secret: For now, the game is shipped only in Chinese. You don’t have access to English text. You should find your way through the options in PUBG Android.

Great News!

Once the game gets installed on your Android device, everything becomes a cakewalk. This video game is loaded with so many fun-filled features. The PUBG servers are geared up to meet all your requirements. Indeed, PUBG is one of the most notorious and powerful games in the industry.

Fascinating PUBG Android Features

There are many impressive features in PUBG android. Here are few features to blow you off your feet:

  • You will fall from a parachute.
  • A hundred opponents will fall with you!
  • You will have to fight your way through. Look for weapons, vehicles, medkits, and
  • You can choose between Battle Royale and Exhilarating Battlefield.

In order to install PUBG Android on your smartphone, you must follow these steps:

  • Download the “Tap Tap” application.
  • Search for PUBG in the “Tap Tap” application
  • Once you find the application, select download.
  • Now, PUBG will be downloaded and installed on your android device.
  • To run PUBG, you must create a WeChat or a QQ Account.

When you install PUBG without any problem, you need to know PUBG mobile controls to play professionally in the game.

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