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PUBG Mobile Maps

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is officially released for mobile, PC and Xbox. There are many impressive features in the mobile release. One such feature would be improved PUBG mobile maps.

Three New PUBG Mobile Maps

With PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds being officially released for mobile devices, players are trying to find differences between the original version and the new release Well, you will come across many interesting changes in the PUBG mobile map.

Ever since the game was launched, the desert themed map and the map of Erangel became a major success. However, the list of maps doesn’t stop here. You have so many more maps to figure out and use. In this short article, you will read about the PUBG mobile maps features. This guide pulls together everything you need to know about PUBG maps.

A Small Map?

One of PUBG’s recent updates would be a small map. The new map has been a part of PUBG mobile release plans for months. This island map is small and only half the size of existing maps. PUBG has plans of deploying the map in experimental test servers this April. The map span across 4×4 km in size. This means you will see more player density on the map. The ultimate aim of this small map is to ensure an intense and faster gaming experience. And in your small mobile screen, the experience will go to a whole new level.

Pubg mobile maps

Even the small map features three other islands with options that recommend loot locations and few important structures. As the map becomes smaller, the challenging nature and frantic experience of PUBG is guaranteed.

An Adriatic Map?

The Adriatic map is also a new feature that will be found in your mobile game. This map spans around 8×8 km in size. This is also yet to be launched. The PUBG corporation has plans of releasing the game on experimental test servers. There is very little information on the Adriatic map. Some forums claim that the map is as big as the Erangel map. It is present in the Adriatic sea. There are plenty of snow cluster mountains on this island. Most players struggle to survive on this island.

The Best and The Finest!

The talk about PUBG mobile maps releases will be incomplete without the Miramar – desert map.

If you have stopped playing the game for few months, this South American-themed map will blow you off your feet. The map is highly interactive and a wonderful place to kick-start your game. For beginners, the south-eastern corner would be great. The chances of you surviving near the massive south-eastern river are high.


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