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Recent PUBG Stats

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a powerful survival-based shooting game. With 10+ million games played, this is a leader in the gaming industry. Keep reading to gather more information on PUBG stats.

Recent PUBG Stats for You!

Since March 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became a steamy hit. Players around the world were able to access the shooting game on their PCs and Xboxes. According to recent PUBG stats, more than 10 million games have been played so far. This makes PUBG several times famous and interesting than any other shooting game. Well, the number of games played is bound to reach billions. That is because the number of concurrent users is increasing at an impressive rate.

This Battle Royale inspired video game is definitely a leader in the market. This year PUBG tops the list of most wanted and popular games.

Interesting PUBG Stats

Bluehole (the creators of PUBG) reveal that players admire the game for its weapons, vehicles, and strategies. Internal statistics claim that the number of kills by firearm, the use of weapons, and the longest kill rates are increasing.

Data captured between March 23, 2017, and December 22, 2017, are too good to be true. If Bluehole is able to prevent hacks and cheats, these figures are bound to increase.

Are you curious to know more about PUBG stats? If yes keep reading! We have pulled together impressive details from Bluehole’s internal statistics.

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The Real Numbers

Interesting facts about the Assault rifle gunshots are:

  • AKM is used in more than 114 million instances.
  • M16A4 is used in more than 103 million instances
  • Scar L is used in nearly 90.7 million instances.
  • Groza is used in 944,037 instances
  • M416 is used in 90 million instances.

Notable figures around the use of SMG are:

  • Vector is used in 9+ million instances.
  • Micro UZI is used in 24+ million instances.
  • Tommy Gun is used in 617,268 instances.

Sniper is a famous weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. According to PUBG stats, the sniper is used quite frequently. Here are the numbers:

  • The SKS is used in 27 million instances.
  • The KAR98K is used in 20 million instances.
  • The VSS is used in 3 million instances.
  • The M24 is used in 2+ million instances.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

Indeed, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is here to stay for a very long time. The number of active/valid server logins is increasing significantly with time. The game is compatible with various platforms. This includes the PC, mobile, and Xbox. In the next few months, Bluehole will launch the PS4 version for PUBG. With current PUBG stats, this survival-based shooting game going to break numerous records.

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