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Top Five PUBG Weapons

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is known for its interesting collection of weapons. Every PUBG weapon has unique features, benefits, and drawbacks. Here are five PUBG weapons for you.

Top Five PUBG Weapons for You

In a traditional action-based video game, you will hide behind trees and run around to increase your chances of survival. Most players start shooting when they are left with their final opponents. In such a situation, you need the right mix of weapons to win!

PUBG is loaded with many interesting weapons. These weapons will ensure that you reach the chicken dinner as soon as possible.

To make the most of PUBG weapons, you must be aware of their features, benefits, and drawbacks. In this short article, we have assembled a collection of powerful PUBG weapons and details on how they can help you.

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Weapon #1

“Win94” is definitely the best PUBG weapon to carry. This antique rifle is difficult to find. Only the most experienced and smartest players will find the Win94 on the battlefield.

The Win94 doesn’t require attachments. And, it can cause plenty of damage. This is a sophisticated lever-action weapon. Though the practical range of the Win94 is short, it features high bullet speed and will definitely put your enemies down. The Win94 is an exclusive PUBG weapon in the Miramar map.

Weapon #2

If you are playing PUBG with its new map, you will find the ammo: 12 Gauge. This is a double-barrel shotgun. It is meant for desert-themed games. The range of this weapon is bad. When you are running around corners, the chances of you hitting anyone is low. However, the ammo: 12 gauge is always a good device to carry. It can scare enemies away.

Weapon #3

The talk about PUBG Weapons will be incomplete without the Ammo: 7.62.

This is an automatic assault rifle. It offers long and medium-range engagements. The recoil effect in this rifle makes management difficult. Still, you will be able to kill enemies with five shots.

Weapon #4

A weapon found only in the airdrop crates would be the Groza. This is definitely a gem in PUBG. The rifle is measured in damage per second. And, this weapon can cause terrible damage on the battlefield.

Using the Groza, you can load up to 750 rounds every minute. This is higher than the loading power of AKM.

You will find sight, muzzle, and mag attachments for this weapon.

Weapon #5

Last but certainly not least, you need the Mini 14. Most players believe that this weapon is not worth celebrating. However, this is a technically sound weapon that is great holding!

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