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Top Three PUBG Advanced Tips

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround is a game for everyone. As you play PUBG for several days, you will want some tips and tricks to improve your gaming experience. Here are three PUBG advanced tips for you.

Top Three PUBG Advanced Tips for You

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is identified as 2017’s most played and best-selling game. Steam recognizes PUBG as one of the world’s finest video games. Millions of video gamers are flocking to win the PUBG title and its delicious dinner. This video game has challenges that are equivalent to real-life deathmatches. In addition, PUBG patch notes might help to win these challenges when players know the new weapons, maps, weapon skins, and so on.

Indeed, there are many tips and tricks on how to win PUBG. However, to become a true hero in this game, you must be aware of few PUBG advanced tips. These tips can make a big difference in your game. To be more precise, advanced tips can draw a thin line between life and death.

Tip #1

To begin with, you must use vehicles as a strong cover. When you have to exit a vehicle with angry enemies around you, the move should be quick and careful.

pubg advanced tips

Try to imagine this: You have landed in Dacia and an enemy loaded with weapons is coming near you. What will your first instinct be? Wouldn’t you want to leave the vehicle immediately? Well, this is a traditional move that can result in death. Instead, think differently in PUBG. The best way to save yourself from the enemy is by hiding inside the vehicle. Consider the vehicle as your cover. Exit only when the enemy leaves.

Tip #2

Another advanced tip revolves around PUBG vehicles. If a vehicle is used by an opponent or another player in your team, how will you identify it? It is pretty simple to know if the vehicle was used or not. All bikes, cars, and spawns are programmed to face East. And, all sea boats and ships are programmed to point towards the west. If there is a change in this direction, the vehicle was spotted and used by another player.

It is always wise to stay away from used vehicles. Enemies might be nearby.

Tip #3

Are you fond of HUD? If yes, you may feel disappointed with this PUBG tip. HUDs can obstruct your view. That is why you must disable it. HUDs occur when a member of your team dies or is injured. When this happens, you will see a big mark on your screen. This will block your sight.

Never panic when you see this mark. Instead, go ahead and disable HUD. Your screen is now prepared for your battle. Small adjustments like this can make life extremely easy in PUBG.

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