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What Is PUBG Tracker?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds alias PUBG is becoming a complicated game with many features and third-party tools. The PUBG tracker is a third-party application that helps gamers track the performances of their friends and themselves.

All About PUBG Tracker

Are you obsessed with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds alias PUBG? Is the game taking you through cloud nine? If yes, consider yourself as one in a million! In the past few weeks, the demand for PUBG has increased drastically. Many tech giants like Microsoft and Netflix are geared to invest time and money in this game. Thus, PUBG is coming up with many fascinating tools and tricks that can improve your gaming experience.

With this being said, you have an all-new PUBG tracker to use.

What Is PUBG Tracker?

By definition, PUBG tracker is a standalone application that can be incorporated into the original PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The PUBG tracker is designed and developed by Tracker Network.

As suggested by its name, the tracker helps gamers understand more about their performance and progress in the game. It gives gamers a match by match report of their performance. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Experts believe that the PUBG tracker is an essential tool for tournaments. It will help judges and players evaluate performance in a flawless and unbiased fashion.

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What Does The PUBG Tracker Have?

The PUBG tracker is loaded with many impressive features. The primary features include:

  • The ability to monitor multiple PUBG players.
  • The feature to evaluate performance in two different modes: The Game mode and the Seasonal mode.
  • The ability to generate detailed game histories. You can get a comprehensive insight into every game played so far.
  • If there are new matches or patches, the tracker will notify you. All PUBG updates are monitored by the PUBG tracker. This means you are less likely to miss an update.

How To Use The Tracker?

As mentioned previously, the PUBG tracker is a third-party application. You must download it from your iOS or Android app store. Then, submit your official PUBG nickname and register in the tracker.

As soon as you register, you will have access to a “Show Stats” option. Click this button to see all PUBG stats, histories, and updates.

The tracker is a sophisticated feature that will let you navigate through various regions, observe stats based on game mode and performance. In fact, you can use the tracker to monitor the stats of your friends too!

Top tip: To see the stats and performance of your buddies, you must add your friends.

On the whole, PUBG trackers are great tools for ambitious and serious players. The tracker will definitely give you an edge in the game.

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